• Opening Doors

Amber W. Taylor

Opening Doors...

Hire an agent who is up to the challenges associated with this versatile South Florida real estate market. Hire an agent who looks at your real estate decision as if their own money was at stake. Hire someone you can let into your home or business and feel secure with negotiating on your behalf. I run my business like a run my life; with a philosophy of honesty, open communication, mutual respect, and transparency.
Specializing in residential and investment property in Broward County for eight years, I’m known by my clients as an expert negotiator and consumer advocate. Thank you all for your support thus far, I am dedicated to my community and have enjoyed serving all of you!
Our relationships with other people is paramount to our success in this world. This is why I make it a priority to get my clients the best possible terms and price in the smallest amount of time, because my commitment to success means getting clients for life. What’s always been abundantly clear is that reputation is everything, which motivates me to work hard for you!

Why should you hire me to sell your home?

The #1 reason to hire me is because it will SELL FAST for a GREAT PRICE!

What makes you stand apart from other agents to represent a seller? 

As an agent for the past seven years in this market, I have taken the time to educate and perfect the art of seller’s representation. I am a certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert and a Seller’s Representative Specialist, both nationally recognized designations by the National Association of Realtors.

Sellers hire me because of my aggressive approach to marketing, where my social media and sphere of influence quickly spreads the word about your property. They hire me because I sell close to list price and because I don’t play around when it comes to my seller’s money and NO money is left on the table. You can expect timely phone calls back, clean and neat contracts, hard-nosed negotiation on your behalf, accompanied showings at your property versus the lockbox method, and professional photographs to put your property in it’s best light.

What is the latest market trend in your service area? 

Right now in Broward County the market is saturated with buyers and there is a lack of inventory, giving sellers the upper hand when it comes to negotiations on price and repairs. Many times, buyers are waiting months just to find the right property to place an offer because there are so little homes available. You may find that because of this your property has appreciated rapidly in the last three years and the market has repaired itself from the drop we experienced in 2007. To get a gauge on your neighborhood and how your home compares, I suggest we all visit the active listings in your neighborhood together. This will show us how your property compares to the others currently for sale. This strategy can help us make preparations to the house and price it at a competitive edge to sell it fast.

What is your online and offline marketing strategy for sellers?

Having a very large sphere of influence in social media, you can rest assured that as soon as you decide to list with me 30,000 people will instantly know about through social media outlets alone. Then, another 45,000 agents will be notified via email. I also call their offices and speak with their buyer’s agents to see if they’re working with anyone that would be interested. If you are in a condo or have amenities in your community, flyers are placed by mailboxes, display boards, etc. My listings are translated into 28 different languages for international marketing on the web and distributed to 800+ web sites. I have a literature degree and can write excellent descriptions on the property that optimize your listing in Google searches!